Keep growing.
Keep building.

Our Vision

Our vision (and our name) was inspired by the Roman emperor, Trajan – the industrious leader who reshaped the city of Rome through extensive public building programs, and, in so doing, broadened the Empire to its peak geographical reach.

Trajus’ daily mantra, “keep building,” reminds us that there is always another market to serve. Another relationship to forge. We keep building in order to keep growing, knowing that every strategically acquired company, channel, and complementary line of business will help us grow stronger and more resilient in the face of market shifts.


Featuring a unique blend of Fortune 100 and industry experience, our leadership team is comprised of individuals with a passion for value creation and an adept ability to effect change.

Duane Pekar

Duane Pekar

President & CEO, Trajus and Trajus Multifamily

Duane Pekar joined Republic Elite as President and CEO in early 2016. He brings nearly three decades of Fortune 100 leadership and operational experience, having worked for companies including Honeywell, United Technologies, and General Motors, and more recently, private equity-owned firms FRAM Group and Midstate Berkshire. Mr. Pekar received his B.S. from Kettering University and his M.B.A. from MIT Sloan School of Management.